• About Mansfield School District

    The Mansfield School District plays a large part of a strong backbone that supports the small town of Mansfield, Washington. Mansfield, which was founded in 1886, lies in the center of wheat and grazing lands on the northern reaches of the Waterville Plateau. Wheat is the main agricultural product of the area with cattle, canola, and other various grains on select farmlands.

    Mansfield is a rural community that consists of approximately 250 families with 50-75 outlying farms. The town has an active City Council, Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce, Senior Citizens Club, and a volunteer Fire/EMS department. During the summer months, Mansfield's world renowned weather conditions make it a frequent landing site for hang gliders that visit from across the globe. It has also become a launch facility for high powered rocketry and "Fire in the Sky," a Pacific Northwest Regional Rocket Launch event. Jameson Lake, located nine miles south of town, offers some of the best Rainbow Trout fishing in the state, and local recreational areas such as the Grand Coulee Dam Recreational Area and the Lake Chelan Recreational Area offer excellent summer time recreation. During the winter months, the flat wide open fields provide some of the best snowmobiling and skiing conditions available. In addition, Mansfield provides reasonable housing and some of the most inexpensive electrical costs in the world. In addition, the Public Utility District offers low cost fiber optic Internet access within Mansfield.

    The School District has an average population of 85 students in grades Kindergarten through grade twelve, which includes a preschool. The elementary, junior, senior high, and district offices are all located in one building. Elementary classes (PreK-6) are located in the east wing of the building and junior/senior high classes (7-12) are located in the west wing of the building. The district strongly believes in coordination and cooperation of events across all grade levels.

    The Mansfield School is a Leader in Me school. The staff believes that all students are leaders with unique abilities and gifts.  We believe in developing the whole child and that each student should be provided with a positive, safe, and healthy environment. We recognize that students learn in a variety of ways and rates, therefore, a variety of instructional approaches are used to meet their various learning needs. Our vision revolves around the theme of Agri-CULTURE, Cultivating Unique Leadership skills Through Understanding Real Life Experiences.  So hands-on learning relevant to students and the leading economic base of Washington state, Agriculture, is worked into lessons on a regular basis.  We believe our program is successful due to learning partnerships between community, students, parents, and teachers. We encourage and appreciate parent participation because we believe that parents are the primary teachers for our students.

    Mansfield School District provides the following for all of their students:

    • The Leader in Me program, teaching the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People 

    • Sports programs

    • Music and drama

    • Industrial Technology, Microsoft Certification, Agriculture courses

    • Support for student activities provided by the Mansfield Booster Club

    • Scholarship opportunities provided by the Mansfield Scholars Foundation

    • GEAR UP

    • FFA

    • The latest up-to-date technology, with a ratio of one device (laptop, tablet, computer) per student